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Forster's Alexandria Books

Alexandria: A History and a Guide

Pharos and Pharillon

©2003-2004  Rob Doll

Many of the essays which E. M. Forster published in Egypt under the pen name "Pharos" were gathered into the small volume Pharos and Pharillon, published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf's burgeoning Hogarth Press in 1923.  Forster had completed writing Alexandria: A History and a Guide by the time his service with the Red Cross ended and he left Egypt at the beginning of 1919, but its planned publication in Alexandria was frustratingly delayed until the end of 1922.

Both of these belles lettres classics sparkle with the joie de vivre radiating from the only surviving photograph of  Forster from his time in Alexandria.  It is an unusual image: he is cheerful, emanating relaxed sensuality and general physical well-being.  He looks healthy and happy, his hair curled from swimming and the sea air.