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Pharos: E. M. Forster

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Why "Pharos"?: A note on Forster in Alexandria
A Streetcar and Desire: An Evocation   
Love's Labors Not Lost: Forster's Alexandria Books  

Remembering Mohammed:
E. M. Forster, Cavafy, and the Nexus of Memory

The Central Role of Aziz In A Passage To India
Forster Photographed and Painted by Bloomsbury painter Carrington
Selected site sightings: E. M. Forster on the Web
Important Forster Centenaries
1914 - 2014: Maurice (novel)
1911 - 2011: The Celestial Omnibus (short story collection)
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1910 - 2010: Howards End  (novel)

1909 - 2009: "The Machine Stops"   (short story)
1908 - 2008: A Room with a View   (novel)
1907 - 2007: The Longest Journey  (novel)
1905 - 2005: Where Angels Fear to Tread  (novel)

1903 - 2003: "Malconia Shops"  (imaginative historical essay— Forster's first publication as a professional writer)

Interpretations of Forster's novels:

Selected images from Pharos: E. M. Forster

Essential books for the serious study of Forster

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